Loved the film, and the soundtrack.

Enjoying an iced latte in the sun before a hospital visit and a late start at work. (at Costa)


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Love #mailbox

This song came on in Starbucks this morning and then @mmmmmrob send me this video.

Lovely song, hilarious video.


New OK GO video!  My kids love these, and this one is full of optical illusions.


In loving memory of Tracy McConnell.

The bass player of Superfreakonomics.
She’s short, has mid-length brown hair, large brown eyes and a wide smile.
She was the only one that laughed at Ted’s shellfish joke.
The woman that paints pictures of robots playing sports and has breakfast foods singing show tunes.
She liked that Ted called right away.
And she gave us a hauntingly beautiful rendition of La Vie En Rose.


(via randomstuffiheart)

Lovely gift of coffee from a friend from @northteapower. Can’t wait to try some once I’m less full of cold. #deerhunter