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In my day it was about about page. Now we’re back to Colophon’s. But this is mine. I’m Dom Barnes, part time blogger, part time bassist, part time Apple IT Support guy working in Birmingham.
I’ve been writing (infrequently) at for a few years and tumbling a bit here too.
I am married to a lovely woman, Katie, who I proposed to after 5 and a half years together, and married a few months short of 7 years together.

My Stuff.

My current everyday machine is an i7 MacBook Air. It replaces my 15” MacBook Pro which was getting to be too much to carry around. Now I love my Air and take it everywhere. In fact, its replace the also ageing Mac Mini I used at work (now a server).
My pocket device is an iPhone 4S, before that a 3GS and an original iPhone. Its my tweeting device, my email manager, my iPod and thanks to Instacast, my podcatcher (is that even still a term thats used?).


I play bass guitar for the Corsairs, a band of me and 4 other friends, trying to make nice music and keep ourselves entertained.